you were the sun.
i was the moon.
you were the center of the universe.
i was designated to someone else.
you’ve got everything you need,
but i only needed you to breathe.



170121 ; 22:48


the flame eventually burnt down
as waves rippled towards the shore.

she nonchalantly asked,
“is this where our story ends?”

he took a deep breath and gave her a weary smile. he held her hands for the last time.

“maybe it’s for the best —maybe it’s not. but then if we’re really meant for each other, fate will work its way on us. the future you will meet the future me and maybe just maybe, our hearts will beat as one again.”

after six years their world collided again and when their eyes met, she realized that the epilogue already happened back then.

together, forever.

170320; 01:10

and I’ve got deprived of one thing.

that “i hate you”
sounded like
“i love you.”
that “i’m leaving you”
sounded like
“i live for you.”
that “i don’t want to be with you”
sounded like
“i wanna spend this lifetime with you.”
that “we’re over”
even sounded like
“we’ll be together, forever.”
i’ve got deprived of you.