unknown memory

161101; 00:54


i met him last february,
right there, he made me his own teritory.
it felt like my sweetest victory,
but now he’s just an unknown memory.


pieces of you

160818; 23:38


everywhere my feet takes me,
there’s a shadow you.
every time my mind wanders,
there’s a ghost of you.
every way my eyes gape at,
there’s still pieces of you.

but when will I wake up and

learn that we’re meant to fall apart?

the end

161226; 14:14


the end is near,
so darling stop your fear.
prepare for the worst,
because everything  has been cursed.

dry your eyes,
stop believing lies.
keep yourself whole,
stop being a fool.

forget the plans, enjoy the ride,
run the course with all your pride.
never stop even for a while,
keep your face with a smile.

all the pain will be gone,
don’t you worry hun.
everything’s gonna be fine,
you’ll reach the end of the line.

if maybe

170112; 23:41


if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe we’ll still have a place
in this infinite space.

if maybe you’re not you
and i am not me,
maybe you’re still holding my
hand like how you used to be.

if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe you’ll never give up everything
like we were nothing.

and if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe we’re still together
with our happily ever after.

but you’re still you,
and i am still me,
love found our hearts
but then lies torn us apart.

hi or bye

170204; 01:29


will it be a hi or bye?
boy you dont have to try,
you always make me high,
but little did you know you also make me cry.

will it be a hi or bye?
i always end up with why.
you sound so sweet when you lie,
don’t you know im about to die?

will it be a hi or bye?
for million reasons i cant rectify.
when this heart can’t even defy,
every heartache that came by.

will it be a hi or bye?
you once told me im a butterfly,
but will i still be able to fly,
when my love has ran out of supply?

will it be a hi or bye?
tears on my cheeks will soon run dry.
’cause i know i gave everything for you to satisfy,
but you’re not just type of guy.